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While Murray discusses the availability of an itemized deduction election on a timely filed return, tax practitioners should also consider the broader implications of failing to file a timely return.
Taxpayers not eligible to use the standard deduction include married filing separate taxpayers if the spouse itemized, nonresident aliens, dual-status aliens and certain individuals who file returns for periods of less than 12 months.
iii) An itemized deduction for state and local general sales taxes claimed in lieu of the itemized deduction for state and local income taxes (see [paragraph] K-4510 et seq.
This provision allows individuals, who previously were entitled to only a miscellaneous itemized deduction, to deduct their legal fees and court costs in arriving at adjusted gross income.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently unveiled the Community Health Air Pollution Information System (CHAPIS), a web-based tool that illustrates the locations of various sources of air pollution on maps of California and provides itemized accounting of the sources' air emissions.
In a front-page story headlined "If they legislated like they talked" in Reforma in late April, the lawmakers' bills were itemized.
Itemized lists of methods, repertoire, technical studies and sight-reading materials
Itemized deductions have to add up to more than the standard deduction.
This task force report also includes five appendices, including descriptions of the methodology used to develop the plan, the White House task authorities, missions of counterdrug intelligence centers, a glossary, and an itemized list of the plan's points of action.
As Philip Booth is buried without a marker in Cataraqui, and Mary Eleanor Booth, ancestor to Philip Smart, is also at Cataraqui, their names are not itemized at Ernestown Lutheran/Union Cemetery.
keeps track of and provides you with accurate values for noncash goods donated to charity and itemized on your income taxes.
28] Likewise, the degree to which a verdict is itemized can impact the scope of a new trial on "damages only.