itemized account

References in classic literature ?
That Service is ludicrously starved, of course, but the funds are administered by a few men who do not call for vouchers or present itemized accounts.
Franchisors typically do not set out in their franchise agreement or their franchise disclosure document an itemized account of what franchisee fees cover.
Because too many courtiers and friends participated for them to give and receive their presents in person, officers of the royal household received the gifts and created an itemized account of the exchange of gifts.
The Appellate Division recently held that an owner who made extensive renovations to a rent stabilized apartment, while the apartment was vacant, but never provided an itemized account of the amount spent on improvements, is entitled to the 1/40th rent increase.
The lower court agreed with Krugman and held that the owner was not entitled to a rent increase because the owner did not submit an itemized account of all of the improvements.
On Tuesday, he disclosed to the media an itemized account of his fund-management body's office expenses, complete with receipts and other pertinent papers.
Ask for an itemized account, detailing how plaintiffs arrived at each figure, he said.
Hughes's writing would remain his own property, but Godmother expected to be consulted regularly on all of his artistic output, and Hughes had to provide her with a monthly itemized account of his expenses (Rampersad 156).