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Our office can meet with you before year-end to go over your records and indicate whether you should make tax saving payments by year-end, in the expectation of itemizing deductions.
The closer you are to that point, the more likely you are to give to take advantage of itemizing.
Taxpayers and tax preparers need to be aware of the fact that, in certain cases, itemizing may result in a lower overall tax liability even when the standard deduction amount exceeds the total itemized deductions.
However, you may reduce your tax obligation by itemizing deductions on Schedule A of Form 1040.
Similarly, restaurants allow you to review your bill itemizing food purchases before you pay for them.
It may be a bit more work, but itemizing could result in bigger tax savings.
conservative Republicans, were behind the shameless itemizing of the president's lapses.
But if you have accrued deductions such as business expenses, medical bills or mortgage interest, you may make out better itemizing the deductions.