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A mother's love, by contrast, does "not make too much ado / With sweet parades of fondness and delight/Lest iterant wont should make caresses trite" (23.
Canning (professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Texas, Austin) is part history, part evaluation of the Circuit Chautauquas, the iterant branch of an adult education movement created to spread culture and entertainment across America, particularly isolated rural areas.
Much of the northern, central and western parts of the Erongo Mountains form part of the Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy, a protected wilderness area where private landowners take a dim view of any trespassers and especially iterant mineral collectors.
linear complementarity problems, American-style options, nonlinear multigrid, projected Gauss-Seidel, iterant recombination, second-order upwind discretization, Fourier analysis AMS subject classifications.