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Ford Motor Company, (NYSE:F) the world's second-largest vehicle manufacturer and one of the most innovative Internet marketers, has licensed Iterated Systems' MediaBin platform to automate brand image production for its many Web sites, brochures, and sales materials.
CO: Multimedia Access Corporation; MCI; Iterated Systems; 8x8, Inc.
Moore was able to show that his games, which he calls "generalized shifts," correspond to dynamical systems known as iterated maps, which researchers sometimes use to model physical systems.
To help put these FIF images into use on the World Wide Web, Iterated has released "Fractal Viewer(TM)," a Netscape Navigator 2.
Using its patented Fractal Technology, Iterated is developing solutions for the convergence of the multimedia and networking/telecommunications markets to make quality images a World Wide Web expectation.
CoolFusion' is just the beginning of the new frontier of video on the Web," said Robert Davis, vice president of marketing and business development for Iterated.
The Covering Property Axiom, CPA; a combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model.
Iterated Systems -- ClearVideo sets a powerful new performance
Monterey's simultaneous optimization approach stands in sharp contrast to the more common sequential optimization flow that breaks the physical implementation process into separate steps that must be iterated upon sequentially.
The longer the delay, the more elusive the cure," Malone iterated.