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Combining elements of males and females, they are ithyphallic but wear female headwear, a decoration on the chest, and sometimes a mask.
That's a stone figurine from the region of Tell Bouqras in Syria, an ithyphallic fertility idol.
Although an evidently masculine ithyphallic representation (i.
erotic pleasure," especially in Sebastian; the gender ambiguities in Passion representations of Christ in monastic and hermetic literature, practice, and art; and finally, the erotic power of the ithyphallic Christ as Man of Sorrows, whose current theological interpretation Mills augments with sexuality (106, 117, 149).
In the linga discovered by Bhagwanlal (figure 3), a four-armed ithyphallic (urdhvareta) Shiva stands in samabhanga, with weight equally distributed on his feet.
For example, Steinberg noticed the ithyphallic depictions of Christ, both alive and dead, that are not typically reproduced for students in the genre of "great works of Western Art.
According to Amy Richlin's The Garden of Priapus, the ithyphallic Priapus penetrates his victims--to punish them for their trespasses--orally, vaginally, anally (1992, 58).
the pronounced ithyphallic feature (broken off) pointing to its
17) A type of Jesus or a type of ithyphallic idiot--Asinus portans mysteria: but such mysteries would have little appeal to the strictly secular, strictly rational, strictly self-contained and continent Houyhnhnms.