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ITINERANT. Travelling or taking a journey. In England there were formerly judges called Justices itinerant, who were sent with commissions into certain counties to try causes.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On Caltours of Birmingham's website we go one step farther than just offering a basic itinerary.
The itinerary guides guests through the 4 adjacent neighborhoods of Little Italy, Chinatown, NoLita and SoHo for 8 Food tastings and an optional cocktail spot.
The Optimal Multi-Agents Itinerary Planning algorithm is explained in Section 4.
Another far-flung adventure leaving from London is the Amazon, West Indies and Azores itinerary, which includes stops in Brazil, Portugal, Barbados and French Guyana - as well as a cruise down the Amazon itself.
Canas and Novak (2010) conceptualise an itinerary as a conceptual map that serves as a guideline for students to know how to study or learn a particular issue.
The Vatican released the official itinerary of Pope Francis during his visit to the Philippines from January 15 to 19, 2015, as announced by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to media last Friday.
Itinerary Sharing allows users to share their live itineraries with their co-workers, friends and/or family.
The design of a mobile software agent [2] based information extraction protocol should be carefully designed to optimize parameters like itinerary length, agent size and fault tolerant migration.
Travel Business Review-March 12, 2013--2014 UK itinerary from Celebrity Cruises(C)2013] ENPublishing -
Nearly every itinerary features at least one overnight stay in renowned citiesNoften in the city of embarkationNplus, two consecutive overnights in many places like Yangon, Shanghai, Hong Kong, St.
Web-based integrated travel organizer Concur's (NASDAQ: CNQR) mobile trip organizer TripIt announced an update to the TripIt app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, giving travelers an easy way to find nearby restaurants and shops, upload photos and make changes to their itinerary from anywhere.
The 10-night OEnticing DouroO itinerary will start with three nights in Lisbon and will visit Lisbon, Porto, Rgua, Barc dOAlva, Vega Terrn, Pinh - o and Bitetos.