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ViewTrip Mobile, developed in partnership with provider of mobile travel services ManticPoint, also includes detailed airport and city guides; location-aware services; weather forecasts and currency conversion; and itinerary management.
Each itinerary includes contextual essays with background information, individual web pages for each site that provide descriptions taken mostly from National Register registration documentation, photographs, and advice on how to plan a visit.
The solution organises an itinerary into 'trip cards' for each event that are arranged in chronological order.
In addition, the 1,970-passenger Coral Princess and Island Princess will offer 36 sailings on the same itinerary, departing on Mondays, according to the company.
The first edition in the vernacular, by Francesco Angelo Coccio, printed by Marcolini in Venice in 1538, represents a historically significant moment in the itinerary of the Tabula: "the arcane figure of the pictor sapientiae was canonized by this time and its picta philosophia placed itself as a singular accessory phenomenon within that larger phenomenology of the ut pictura poesis, which .
We also hand out an itinerary to the kids ahead of time so they know exactly what is going to be happening, where they are going, what the practice plan is," says Eidson.
Journey to the pinnacled landscapes of Cappadocia, the historical treasures and the seaside resorts of the Mediterranean coast and on to the bustling bazaars & palaces of Istanbul on this very special itinerary.
He would plan the itinerary and book accommodations, make reservations at restaurants, hire guides and arrange for equipment.
Beginning in 1863, Cook organized highly successful tours of Switzerland, eliminating the work and worry of distant travel while offering also great flexibility in selecting accommodation and itinerary.
The Commission says the toll for the full itinerary - higher than the level permitted by EU law (Directive 93/89, since replaced by Directive 1999/62, linking toll rates to construction costs, use and thoroughfare development) - is still unjustified.
In the early Church, confronted from everywhere by paganism, if someone desired to become a Christian, he had to follow an itinerary of formation to Christianity.
From the magnificent Orkneys to the natural wonders of Iceland, the wild and untamed Faroe Islands the simply awesome Norwegian fjords, this excellent itinerary will show you the best of Northern Europe.