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(16) There were two unmarried women in conflict with their brothers over their dowries and two widows, one of whom sided with her three children against a man and his two sons, while the other stood alone in a dispute over land facing her relative, a lawyer (iurisperitus), who had been made heir of her deceased husband.
(23) Mino, a iurisperitus, was principal witness for an arbitrated settlement signed in the house of Taddeo Pepoli on May 23 and the next day appeared in the Paiatium Vetus (Palazzo del Podesta) as arbiter to a land dispute.
Ergo lex non pertinet ad rationem, sed magis ad voluntatem, secundum quod etiam iurisperitus dicit, quod placuit principi, leis habet vigorem>> (TOMAS DE AQUINO, S.