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And in Hong Kong a student told me that in his culture, a person can only be a hero and a loser--simul iustus et peccator--showing that Luther's anthropology is still relevant today.
O simul iustus et peccatur mostra que o perdao dos pecados e a presenca santificadora de Deus e simultanea.
3] hoc ideo, quia perinde ac iustus, et continens iudex mundas ac puras habere manus dicitur, ita e contrario sordidas, et absurdas, quia pecuniis coinquinatur" (159-160); Castillo de Bovadilla, Politica, lib.
Mistake could further render a contract voidable (if induced by misrepresentation), or void (if it is reasonable and material, in accordance with the iustus error doctrine).
Selected pieces would become part of the repertoire of literary brotherhoods and churches even over the next centuries, while some, such as the version for four voices of the responsoty Ecce quomodo moritur iustus, have survived until the present day.
82) Much of this idealization of the rex iustus lays not in personal potency but in self-restraint: Athelwold makes "gode lawes" (28) and carries out "gode werkes" (34) to serve orphans and widows and not himself (75-79).
He celebrated Mass in Kobe marking the 400th death anniversary of Iustus Takayama Ukon, who was exiled to Manila in 1614.
Sin embargo, no debemos pasar por alto que Lupata presenta un cognomen claramente utilizado por libertos de Emerita, donde contamos con un Aelius Iustus Lupatus (16).
Papy, Iustus Lipsius: Europae lumen et columen, Lovaina, University Press, 1999, 106.
Se trataba de un codice con los cuatro evangelios, compuesto por un notario llamado Iustus, fallecido en 812197.
A que abogado he de recurrir, dum vix iustus sit securus?
The achievement in the main section of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" was to reread remembered history together in order to show how differences of theological expression are complementary rather than contradictory and how the Annex reflects the remembering of a forgotten history whereby the churches came to agreement on simul iustus et peccator, (88) In remembering differently, both sides could declare that past condemnations do not apply to the current teaching of the other.