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In depth liaison by SQW with IXC UK clients found many reasons for the scheme's success.
Many clients stated that IXC was able to form links with businesses at an earlier stage of the research process than would otherwise be possible.
Business clients in particular underlined that IXC UK enabled them to access new ideas from outside their typical areas of business, helping them to stay in touch more easily with the wide diversity of potentially relevant technology developments.
Mike Hield, chief executive of IXC UK, welcomed the report's findings and said: "It's clear that UK industry has an everincreasing appetite for the benefits that open innovation can bring and we're delighted that this independent review demonstrates how well IXC UK is struc-tureto meet that need.
Fleming was involved in the merger of IXC with Broadwing Inc.
Fleming was with several network communication concerns before starting IXC in 1992.
Glossary: CLEC - competitive local exchange carrier; CORBA - common object request broker architecture; IXC - interexchange carrier; OSS - operations support systems, QoS - quality of service; SLA - service level agreement.
ESI is staffed with experts who have successfully demonstrated an ability to bill the IXC for terminating traffic.
InformationView is a "Best-of-Class" provider of network cost management services and software for the CLEC, Internet, Long Distance, IXC and Wireless telecommunication companies.
The company offers a broad set of subscriber access and broadband services concentration equipment for ILECs, CLECs, IOCs, IXCs, PTTs, and other facilities-based carrier networks worldwide.