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jabbering I love to hear some of the genuinely laugh out loud, funny and borderline insane stuff that regularly falls forth from her lips.
radio jabbering I'd like to be one of those people who happily hold court in social situations, regaling their peers with wonderfully interesting and amusing narratives.
With Charlton Heston jabbering something like, "Get your stinking robot arm off me, you damn dirty ape!" The University of Pittsburgh reports that a monkey has fed itself by using a robotic arm controlled solely with signals from said monkey's brain.
Speaking of that lot, Phil Thompson was on Sky Sports the other day jabbering about West Ham's keeper.
Nearly every time I go in, some geezer (as in the White Van Man connotation) is jabbering away, clearly selling things.
SMOKING in the car is more likely to annoy fellow passengers than back-seat driving, non-stop jabbering or wanting to listen to The Archers, according to a poll of 2, 11 0 people by Craigslist, a website popular with car-sharers.