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My dear Jack, I only ask you, am I likely to forget what you have said with so much feeling?
I am afraid I am but a shallow, surface kind of fellow, Jack, and that my headpiece is none of the best.
The Patchwork Girl was greatly interested in Jack and examined him admiringly.
Well, as for that, my head is stuffed with pumpkin-seeds," declared Jack.
Then it struck him as a very funny thing for Jack to come to life, especially as the expression on his pumpkin face was so droll and comical it excited laughter on the instant.
Moore asked him if it was not time that he and Jack were in the study for the morning recitations.
You know that often it has necessitated a stern struggle on your part to resist the almost insane desire which occasionally overwhelms you to plunge once again into the jungle life that claimed you for so many years, and at the same time you know, better than any other, how frightful a fate it would be for Jack, were the trail to the savage jungle made either alluring or easy to him.
I'd ha'been glad to pison the beer myself," said the Jack, "or put some rattling physic in it.
In the infinite meaning of his reply and his boundless confidence in his views, the Jack took one of his bloated shoes off, looked into it, knocked a few stones out of it on the kitchen floor, and put it on again.
At his word of command, Jack walked about among them.
And I raise you five thousand just to lend a hand at keeping Jack out," MacDonald said, in turn.
Jacks admitted; "but, you see, in the case of theories one must build them brick by brick.