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Look here, mates," said Jerry; "the gentleman offered me half a crown extra, but I didn't take it; 'twas quite pay enough for me to see how glad he was to catch that train; and if Jack and I choose to have a quick run now and then to please ourselves, that's our business and not yours.
Herbert put it to me, what did I think of that as a temporary tenement for Tom, Jack, or Richard?
Moore asked him if it was not time that he and Jack were in the study for the morning recitations.
Danny, ye lie on the cable an' sleep all day," said Long Jack.
I am sorry that I broke my promise, Jack,' said she;
Without saying a word she took hold of the winch (it was turned by handpower then), and round she swung him, and Jack began to flop about inside.
As soon as the anchor was down, Jack and I got a boat and went ashore.
They told Jack Pumpkinhead of the dreadful news about the Nome King, and he decided to go with them to the Emerald City and help comfort Ozma.
Then he saw old Mombi raise her arm and sprinkle the powder from the box over the pumpkin head of his man Jack.
A day's journey from the Emerald City brought the little band of adventurers to the home of Jack Pumpkinhead, which was a house formed from the shell of an immense pumpkin.
And it was at this moment that Jack Kearns suggested poker.
And Michael went to make the acquaintance of Jack, the surviving Airedale, and to do his daily turn with the leopards.