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Is it a conspiracy too far to think that, as a Labour loyalist, Sir Alex was merely pulling off a media stunt for his mate Alastair Campbell to get Jack off the hook?
They take it so seriously I do wonder what would happen if ever I decided to kill Jack off, so I am always careful not to give out my address.
Now, whenever it rains, or there's thunder and lightning, or it snows, I have to jack off.
But Randerson won the next two ends and then managed to throw the jack off, which let Barker back in.
Also this week, as the Falklands War unfolds on TV and Spandau Ballet rule the airwaves, the friends try to wean Jack off heroin.
For the first series they were extra careful to keep Jack off camera when they were filming at their flat.
We couldn't get Jack off the tube slide, and Simon loved the big drop slide - all 25ft of it.
His best Racing Post Rating over hurdles came over today's course and distance in January, when he finished second to stablemate Good Thyne Jack off an official mark of 85, earning an RPR of 103.
After a live early hours TV interview on the Comic Relief show and a celebration party, pretty Jane, 37, whisked Jack off to a London hotel to show just how much she missed him.