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In my scenario--and perhaps I'm a bit cynical--Officers Powell and Bresino would confidently drop poor Jack off in some Simi Valley-like neighborhood and tell him to stay out of the ghetto and put on some pants.
The Giant will lay waste to Flintshire unless the Squire comes up with a bag of gold, so Dame Dolly Dumplings sends Jack off to market to sell Bessie, their last surviving cow.
But even when the ball was newest it moved little through the air, and the wind that often threatened to rip the half-mast Union Jack off its flagpole made life unpleasant for the seven bowlers.
He pushed the loaded cart out and knocked Jack off his ladder.
Jack Pierce in action at Coventry Speedway Stadium; Jack off his quad machine (inset)
At 20-19 to Riley, Ditchfield looked to knock the jack off to keep his hopes alive, but he missed and the North Wales man threw his arms up in the air in triumph with all his supporters racing onto the green hailing him as the champion.
TALK last weekend was far more of the Champion Hurdle than the Champion Stakes, thanks to the stylish win by Crack Away Jack off top weight at Chepstow in what used to be the Free Handicap Hurdle.
The TV programme has achieved massive success since its launch in 2001, but Sutherland is more than willing to kill Jack off if it would mean a good ending to the show.
From taking Jack off to meet the chefs in the kitchens to emptying and cleaning the coffee machine every time we left our room, this is a place determined to make its mark as one of Europe's great resorts.
I need to take the children to school and drop Jack off with our parents.