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As can be expected, trying to minimize a relatively flat function with lots of kinks, jaggedness, and even small jumps can be a very difficult task indeed.
Through intertwined ensemble sequences, solos, and duets, Point seemed to juxtapose innocence with experience and suggested the jaggedness of modern romance.
The majority of isolated Monk poems have been narrative and anecdotal, but poems written as a series responding to Monk's music--such as those in Dave Etter's book Well You Needn't and Art Lange's The Monk Poems--tend to concentrate on the abstraction of jazz and the rhythmic jaggedness of Monk's musical lines.
NM: That line is suggesting a certain jaggedness which is a visual analogue of raspiness, a visual embodiment of raspiness.
It showed, with predictable clarity, that what began in the 18th century as a model of symmetry, grace and harmonic balance still could be traced to its origins 200 years later - albeit with a tone of jaggedness and a deliciously spiky wit.
Even the shafts of moonlight on the richly coloured wooden floors acquired a jaggedness that terrified Anna.
Researchers have noted fractal patterns in the shapes of clouds, the branching of blood vessels, the jaggedness of coastlines, and the roughness of fractured rocks.
The hope is that by using fractals to quantify the jaggedness of a fault, seismologists may one day be able to predict the destructiveness of earthquakes that reactivate the fault.
Interline flicker is banished and jaggedness in moving diagonal lines disappears.
ABS minimizes color balance shifts due to registration error, optimizes color gamut, neutral balance and neutral balance stability, diffuses jaggedness and subject moire minimizes banding and eliminates "rainbow" effects.