jailed person

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'A jailed person is not deprived of his fundamental or constitutional rights.
"People will not learn the lesson from what they have done if you just sentence them to death, you need to punish someone for at least years in jail so that the jailed person will be able to transform himself [or herself] to a better person once released," he added.
"Mr Gulen did not write such a letter and did not ask for the release of any jailed person," the statement read.
It is assumed that date was set because Iranian law requires that any jailed person not put on trial within two years must be freed.
One of the amendments states that as the name of the jailed person continues to be on the electoral rolls, he or she also continues to be an elector and can file nomination for an election.
Cicek said, "if a legal arrangement is made to enable a jailed person to be released when elected a deputy, Murat Karayilan (PKK top member) or Alparslan Arslan (who staged an armed attack on the Council of State) can enter the parliament." CHP, which has understood its mistake, shelved the bill.
"We usually bond the jailed person by third parties," Pantazes says.
Manhattan federal Judge Paul Crotty has given both sides time until October 4 to hammer out a deal over the requested records, which includes audiotapes and transcripts of phone conversations Diallo had with a jailed person a day after Strauss Kahn was arrested.
The jailed persons and suspect Ivan Kofi Danso, now at large, are known to be good friends.
She also pushed for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights and legitimate interests of jailed persons and the adoption of restorative justice through SB 2130.
JULY 10, 2013 SC upholds Patna HC order barring people in police custody from contesting polls SEPT 8, 2013 passes bill removing the clause from R P Act which did not allow persons in jail from contesting polls NOV 19, 2013 After centre states that the R P Act has been amended to allow jailed persons to contest polls, SC gives the go- ahead APR 4, 2014 SC issues notice to centre on a plea which challenged the amendment.
But despite past encounters with jailed persons and correctional systems, I was unprepared for the profound soulful connections I would develop with Vermont's incarcerated women by writing weekly with them for four years.