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Closely following the jailer into the dismal apartment, appeared that individual, of singular aspect whose presence in the crowd had been of such deep interest to the wearer of the scarlet letter.
They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc.
She then thought that Lord de Winter would come, and by his presence give fresh strength to her jailer.
With the first dawn of day the jailer returned, with orders to leave Dantes where he was.
One may be a jailer or a keeper and at the same time a good father and husband.
What had become of the jailer and the guards, Theseus never knew.
As you like," said the jailer, turning the harsh key in the lock and opening the door wide enough to admit Dinah.
She cast down her eyes, and drooped her eyelids; she sighed uneasily; she turned with an anxious gesture, as if she would give me the idea of a bird that flutters in its cage, and would fain fly from its jail and jailer, and seek its natural mate and pleasant nest.
Yes, yes; I must have at least four deputies, besides a jailer.
But their wild exultation was suddenly checked When the jailer informed them, with tears, Such a sentence would have not the slightest effect, As the pig had been dead for some years.
Wait until I have summoned the jailer," said Baisemeaux, as he struck the bell twice, at which summons a man appeared.
But the countryman seized his fiddle, and struck up a tune, and at the first note judge, clerks, and jailer were in motion; all began capering, and no one could hold the miser.