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Jam sessions allow local musicians to network with others and to learn from each other, Shanahan said.
Jazz impresario Norman Granz successfully expanded the jam session concept from clubs into the concert halls and recording studios.
Entrance to NBA Jam Session will be free and is open from midday to 9pm each day.
Host a weeklong Jam Session during which you demo the ease of cooking with specialty preserves in three different areas of your store.
These efforts, which include expanding recycling efforts in the arena and at Jam Session, an increased number of education programs, greater use of sustainable flatware, and eco-friendly linens to further eliminate waste and energy conservation, are an outgrowth of a sustained leaguewide commitment to environmental awareness.
Friends marked his life with a jam session at the football club after his funeral at Teesside crematorium.
Jazz Festival: Jam Session BOTANICAL GARDENS, BIRMINGHAM TWENTY-five years ago, at the first Birmingham Jam Session Digby Fairweather was a young trumpeter trying hard not to be over-awed by the likes of Humphrey Lyttelton; at this anniversary celebration he was one of the elder statesmen of a line-up that included the phenomenal young vibes player Jim Hart.
Along with interviews, Farlow is shown in action, his huge hands splayed across the fretboard to issue ultra-fast single-note runs and chord solos while playing in a trio with pianist Tommy Flanagan, as well as in a charming jam session with Breau.
It also has the improvisational momentum of a comic-book jam session or game of exquisite corpse--one gets the feeling that these couplings, multiples, and hybrids could continue indefinitely, spiraling off into the void.
But that jam session between great jazz dancers and great jazz musicians is still pie in the sky.
Funville's 18 tracks represent the best hour of a two-hour studio jam session that was recorded uninterrupted, with no vocals, no overdubs, and no preconceived structure.
IT IS difficult to realise that Mike Owen, whom one is tempted to call a veteran of New Orleans style trombone playing, is only 30, but it was to celebrate Mike's birthday that a recent jam session was held at the Trumpet in Bilston.