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The "H" signals that the air is jam-packed with molecules.
On the one hand, it's a jam-packed six-hour trip through 100 years of theater history--it gives you the illusion of catching up with what happened before you saw your very first show.
This fast-paced read is jam-packed with action and bad jokes (all of which I loved), and it will make a fine addition to collections aimed at younger readers.
This provocative play comes jam-packed with unexamined assumptions (Southerners are "stoopid"; homophobia exists only among ignorant hillbillies and religious blacks) and bogus arguments (baseball is better than democracy because it acknowledges loss--huh?
I probably won't make it to Wales during this visit because it's so jam-packed here in London.
My husband and I travelled from Lewes in Sussex to London on a jam-packed train with every toilet locked and not a guard in sight to open one.
All Saints Square and the Miners Welfare Park were both brimming with families who made the most of a jam-packed programme of events, from dog shows to car exhibitions.
In a new economy jam-packed with daunting challenges and amazing opportunities, there will be more than one route and more than a few unexpected obstacles and detours.
There is a photo of my then-fiance lying, wiped out, on the loading ramp to a 17-foot rental truck, jam-packed with all my belongings.
On the last day of "Nan Goldin: I'll Be Your Mirror," the artist's recent Whitney Museum retrospective, I found myself having to plead in order to squeeze into a jam-packed room for a final look at All by Myself, 1995-96, a five-and-a-half-minute-long slide show of Goldin self-portraits, and something of an autobiographical Stations of the Cross.
Jam-packed with more than 40 wacked-out mini-games such as Drunken Mayor, Private Number and Cliff Race 2000, WTF offers simple and intuitive gameplay making it easy for anyone to pick-up and play.