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In six jam-packed and thought-provoking chapters, with introduction, epilogue, and copious notes, Duval outlines Rabelais's "master plan" (xiv) for the composition of a book whose twin towers will be the constituent elements of epic and Christian humanism.
However, this season I am struggling to find anything that merits being in my collection and I don't want to pack my already jam-packed wardrobe with more clothes.
Sellotape a plastic fork to the top of a Tupperware box that's jam-packed full of salad or pasta and you have your very own ready-meal on the go.
The jam-packed color illustrations and the extensive text are further supplemented with notes at the back of the book, about noble leaders and great ideas that promoted world harmony and peace.
A worker said: 'Her car was jam-packed full of junk - personal stuff.
The "H" signals that the air is jam-packed with molecules.
But in a company jam-packed with male talent, it seemed like there might be even more opportunities in another company.
This fast-paced read is jam-packed with action and bad jokes (all of which I loved), and it will make a fine addition to collections aimed at younger readers.
The opening of Aero, Thomas O'Brien's swank new store in New York's SoHo neighborhood, was a jam-packed event.