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For a second he felt that he was sharing the feeling of Agafea Mihalovna, vexation at their making jam without water, and altogether at the outside Shtcherbatsky element.
Do it, please, by my receipt," said the princess; "put some paper over the jam, and moisten it with a little rum, and without even ice, it will never go mildewy.
THEN the mouse came out of her jam pot, and Benjamin took the paper bag off his head, and they told the doleful tale.
It's jam every OTHER day: to-day isn't any OTHER day, you know.
Oh, the French have the reputation of being the best cooks in the world," rejoined the Story Girl, "but I know they can't beat your jam turnovers and plum puffs, Felicity.
He put his leg into the jam, and he worried the teaspoons, and he pretended that the lemons were rats, and got into the hamper and killed three of them before Harris could land him with the frying-pan.
He complimented their improvement to her contentment; and as they were without any disguise of jam or other stain, she trembled all the while and was miserably frightened lest at any moment he--
There was no jam there as a matter of fact, but the guilty Minnie's handkerchief went to her crimson face in a flash.
Made by Alpine Berry Farm, the jams were among the best I've tasted-fruity, fluid, with a tempered sweetness.
Brian Chevalier, host of jam sessions at both Happy Hours and River Stop Restaurant & Sports Bar, said that jams can be "a roll of the dice," but "there's a lot of talent down here in the southern Willamette Valley.
The contest to find the most tasty jams is open to the public with categories for soft fruit such as raspberries or hard fruit like apples.