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That might cure the jingle jangle but would the extra weight cause her to limp?
According to Kohat District Police Chief Mohammad Sohaib Ashraf the heavy contingent of Police carried out targeted search operation in Jangle Khel area of district kohat.
He sexually exploited them and also forced them to have sex with other children for making pornographic films," Jangle claimed.
In past Iranian month named Azar, Iranian minister of petroleum reported of discovering a new gas field in Iranian side of Caspian Sea waters at 700 meters depth later named Sardare Jangle to commemorate the efforts made by the commander of Jungle Movement, Mirza Kochak Jan who fought in north of Iran against foreign interference an despotic monarchs of the country in early years of 20 century.
Headscratcher: Jangle and jingle are close in spelling, and in meaning, too.
If you wish to stop your cat hunting, try placing two bells on her collar, which will jangle together when she pounces, allowing her prey to escape before they become a plaything or, worse, lunch.
Jangle Jangle Jangle I'm a bangle-holding stand / Nosy nosy nosy I'm a posy, I smell grand / Faster Faster Faster I'm a rooster, I can fly / Creeping creeping creeping I am peeping, I'm a spy"
Evan Williams admits the nerves are starting to jangle as stable star State Of Play enters the final stages of his Cheltenham preparations.
THE jangle of bells and the knocking of wood will be heard in Birmingham when a troop of Morris dancers descend on the city.
1, CONGOTRONICS 1 (CRAMMED) This incredible band from Kinshasa, founded more than twenty-five years ago, generates a thrilling jangle of furious polyrhythms and electronic grooves.
A Jingle Jangle Christmas" at the Hult Center, "A Christmas Carol" at Actors Cabaret, "Fully Committed" at Lord Leebrick Theatre and Neil Simon's "Rumors" at Robinson Theatre.
The idea is that the bells will jangle if pickpocket thieves try to remove the purses.