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Inside was a beautiful stretch of lawn with an old sundial in the middle, the whole effect so soothing and restful that it was welcome to my somewhat jangled nerves.
The scene was so gloriously giddy that few in the clan could recall just how jangled their nerves were just a couple of hours earlier.
While bondholders now will be repaid in full, the debacle jangled nerves throughout municipal bond markets.
The pasty Roth and jangled Rooker deliver some edgy moments, but Zellweger and Penn are wasted in thinly drawn supporting roles.
No serious damage or injuries were reported but the temblor jangled nerves and raised a gauzy cloud of dust over the desert towns.
This city of jangled nerves - home to 130,000 Palestinians and 500 Jewish settlers - had been teetering toward violence for weeks, as a long-delayed deal painstakingly nears completion.
Helen was pouring tea for her elevenses, when the bell jangled and the vicar and his wife walked in with their twin grandsons.
Limay, Nicaragua, April 1998': Mountains/tangled with bones,/fields, roads,/rivers jangled,/volcanoes jangled/with bones/on their backs,/into the earth/nevermind merengue/nevermind the cooking/nevermind the quiquiriqui/of roosters/singing Rise.
Mack Brown leads his crew of blue chippers into a high stakes game, then watches as the palms get sweaty, the nerves get jangled and finally, at the end of the night, they walk away with their pockets empty.
But they jangled the keys and the noise woke the would-be victim.