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Coventry Market has snapped up 1,000 of the tiny jangling bells, which will be handed out for pensioners to attach to their purses or wallets.
Responding to my jangling nerves, every night I prepared a bit of the class in detail and went over and over it in my mind.
they would watch their daughter grow up, get married, start a family of her own"--are thrown "into a nervous and jangling disarray.
Running outside, Quicke heard the stolen change jangling in the dark, and he fired at the sound.
SIR - Many, many years ago probably during my hippie years while jingle jangling my 12-string guitar, contemplating life and all its woes, I came up with the following few lines which, in light of the phenomenal response to the tsunami disaster appeal and many other acts of love and generosity over those many, many years I believe sums up the vast majority of the human race:
YOU'LL have to wait until tomorrow until the fastest men on earth arrive in Athens, arms pumping, bling-bling chains jangling and flashy footwear flying up the course, writes Phil Agius.
Less than 5 percent of the so-called "disposable income" generation carried more than [yen] 20,000 and some claimed than they mostly wandered around with only coins jangling in their pockets.
The world of Seuss is really kind of all in your head, with mental references we have jangling around inside of us.
Arsene Wenger will know that should they lose Arsenal will be out of the title race and that will definitely get nerves jangling at the Emirates.
But as I headed home through the city's Four Courts a man, about 20, came out of the darkness jangling a few coins.