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JAPE will continue to be committed to this project as it moves beyond this 75th issue and towards its century of publications.
This Chemical Sea was Richie's fifth under the Jape moniker, and could potentially be his finest work to date.
On the new record, This Chemical Sea, Richie turned to long time Jape member Glenn Keating in a bid to hold on to his sanity.
Jape (Richie Egan), inset, is the only artist to have won the Meteor Choice Music Prize twice (for Ritual in 2008 and Ocean Of Frequency in 2011).
The age-old return call jape appears to have died a death.
Along with the Redneck Manifesto, Jape will be kicking things off with Richie doing a solo show at 7pm.
The jape was set up by the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, which claimed national anthems of EU members were to be scrapped in favour of a unified tune.
ROL have mastered their art after years of whipping crowds into a frenzy, their hometown shows have attracted the likes of Sinead O'Connor, Bono, Snow Patrol, Styles P, Damien Dempsey, Shane McGowan, Jape, Gavin Friday, most of whom have hopped on stage with the band creating some thrilling and very special moments for the band and fans alike.
His latest jape was to beam a lipsticked image of John Wayne on to the outside of the Irish parliament.
Sole sister Nush nurses her foot after cutting it during a kitchen jape.
BORIS Johnson is a politician with a rare ability to cheer people up with a joke or a jolly jape.
The first jape is simple - a bulging wallet is left invitingly on a table outside a pub.