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Led by Summer Hoban, who had 16 points, the Palmdale High girls basketball team overcame a 13-point second-half deficit to beat Apple Valley 50-49 in Saturday's consolation finals of the REB Japer Invitational in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.
The candid camera japer could stand the heat, though, especially as waiters kept topping him up with ice-cool Bollinger.
The incident in Ubay town came a week after 41 female students at the Japer Memorial School in Barangay Catalina in Sagbayan town exhibited similar behavior believed to be possession.
11 nights' accommodation at good quality hotels in Toronto (3 nts), Montreal (2 nts), Banff (2 nts), Japer (1 nt), Sun Peaks (1 nt), Vancouver (2 nts) & Whistler (1 nt) ?
Next day at training, the Geordie japer turned up with a hairbrush stuck down his sock.
Gelato's great skill is to combine authentic recreation of danceable jazz standards with an extremely outgoing sense of humour, joining that select bunch of jazzers who were wily japers and impressive maestros all in one bundle.
With complete disregard for the feelings of the japers, jesters and jolly-good-fun johnnies, Watkin did a fair bit of damage again and England beat Australia for the first time since December 1986.