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The Enquirer begat the Star (which it eventually purchased) and People, in turn begetting ``Entertainment Tonight,'' ``Access Hollywood'' and knowing celebrity japes from every comedy show.
HELPMATES (BBC TWO,11am) More slapstick japes with Laurel and Hardy.
Gray's previous plays also include Japes, Hidden Laughter and Breaking Hearts.
This is the sort of thing that used to happen with the hippie capitalists Ben & Jerry, masters of media manipulation whose japes and pranks invariably generated journalistic attention that larger, more profitable companies would have given their eyeteeth to receive (if, in fact, they had any eyeteeth).
Even while a massive and still-living backlash was taking form in the wake of Abbie's japes at the Democratic Convention in 1968, his treasured notion of "cultural revolution" was quickly being appropriated by Madison Avenue and Hollywood.
These water amusements varied from the heavy-handed fifteenth-century japes of the Neapolitan Duke Alfonso II, in whose courtyard at Poggioreale diners could suddenly find themselves two or three feet deep in water, to the sudden delicate jets and sprays which unexpectedly cooled visitors to gardens designed 100 years later.
4m viewers tuned in to watch the comedy japes of Agnes (Brendan O'Carroll), the potty-mouth matriarch of the Dublin-based Brown brood.
NOEL FIELDING'S LUXURY COMEDY E4 10pm More surreal comedy japes from the Mighty Boosh creator.
Fresh back from the Most Hipster Holiday Time (Alexa Grimmy, Theo Hurts et al getting to japes in Puerto Rico), Pixie, 22, added a flash to the dark January streets by the Groucho Club, London.
Braxton Hicks are joke contractions that maybe give the womb useful practice ahead of the main event, or exist purely as one of Mother Nature's jolly japes.
20pm Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and the rest of the gang return with another series of japes.
There was a bit of Jeremy being a big girl's blouse about putting a tent up, and lots of jolly japes as they played up the idea of pretending to be posh people roughing it.