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Thus, the pair of lovers could be jarred apart by misunderstood motives, by accident of fate, by jealous rivals, by irate parents, by crafty guardians, by scheming relatives, and so forth and so forth; they could be reunited by a brave deed of the man lover, by a similar deed of the woman lover, by change of heart in one lover or the other, by forced confession of crafty guardian, scheming relative, or jealous rival, by voluntary confession of same, by discovery of some unguessed secret, by lover storming girl's heart, by lover making long and noble self-sacrifice, and so on, endlessly.
1 : to shake or cause to shake hard <Jonas was jarred loose and thrown violently into the air.
Several years ago, when I was unloading my car from a difficult weekend with Mother (her own inner light dimming), my suitcase jarred the end table, and the plastic praying hands landed in 30 pieces on the hardwood floor.