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The 2D platforming is rudimentary, the story is half-baked (spaceship captain answers distress call on abandoned planet, discovers all hell's broken loose, blah, blah, blah), and monster design is jarringly inconsistent.
Rowling jarringly has her villain waging a sort of "love is love" campaign: He wins at least one good-hearted character over to his cause by demanding an overthrow of prejudiced laws banning intermarriage between magical folk and their non-magical neighbors.
In the first, the point of view shifts jarringly from person to person, each striving to present a coherent picture yet failing to do so convincingly.
Forgetting your child while you go off on holiday, is pretty much unforgivable and the violence meted out to the unfortunate robbers by Macaulay Culkin's Kevin is jarringly violent, but the painful slapstick still works, an old school Tom and Jerry cartoon come to life.
His revelations about the nature of the disorder are as delicately limned as his action scenes are jarringly gory.
Later sections provide the pleasure of seeing how other characters perceive the same events in a markedly different manner, though Nana's narration jarringly shifts into the third person.
As well as overhauling the graphics, the striking system has also been reworked to do away with that awkward parry and counter Fight Night-style approach which has always sat a little jarringly with MMA action.
Each is composed of four Plexiglas sheets arranged via metal scaffolding to form the prone Xs; their four sets of moving images alternately bleed into and jarringly abut each other, creating bifurcated viewing environments that choreograph the body into position, then divide and mend the gaze.
The performances of the cast have been so uniformly excellent as to guarantee this four-parter wins trophies galore come the next round of awards ceremonies - although such talk of showbiz baubles always seems jarringly inappropriate when you consider the heartbreak Little Boy Blue is founded on.
Not only will ISRO have to cut the cost of manufacturing such hybrid cars, it would have to refine the solar technology further, starting with getting rid of that jarringly large rooftop.
The crude statues show Trump with a jarringly large gut, dark stretch marks and his genitals fully exposed.
LaChiusa s prologue began jarringly (the healthy-sized chorus, arrayed 011 bleachers, singing at full tilt), proceeded rather catchily (Clark and the show's two female opera pros putting an amusing Ladies' Garment Workers spin on the three Fates), and eventually wore out its welcome.