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If Blake can manage to tone down some of the jarringly anachronistic dialog that mars the text, he may have a fabulous series on his hands.
This shadow cabinet, with its lush exfoliation of titles and subtitles, smacks of left Babbitry, not of revolutionary ardor--it is a mirror-image of the electioneering routinism and office-seeking of the duopoly twins, purveying the illusion that merely electing (or, in this case, appointing) the right people to the right offices will peacefully usher in a bright new tomorrow--a vision that is jarringly at odds with the ferocity with which the elites will defend their rotting fortress until and unless routed by masses of an aroused and organized citizenry.
The request for an increase in Richardson's current yearly salary of $152,345 was quickly withdrawn after it became obvious that it was jarringly at odds with the message Lane County government was trying to send at the time - that the county was desperately short of funds and needed a property-tax increase for jail operations.
So I can understand the dismay and sense of chaos among the Shelley High School team when they lost the John Smith Stadium as their prom venue because the Catalans match suddenly, jarringly clashed with their knees-up.
Flood jarringly intersperses this narrative with historical vignettes that do not always illuminate the subject.
With a title that automatically evokes Franz Kafka's unfinished first novel, Amerika provides a jarringly absurd version of the traditional immigrant narrative.
Even when the plot takes a jarringly melodramatic turn in the second half, Homi Adajania's comedy of manners "Cocktail" maintains an infectious air of kicky exuberance that's bound to delight ands ready, willing and eager to go along for the ride.
On the other hand the production of the book is beautiful (apart from a jarringly anachronistic use of title case in English chapter headings) with a delightful binding hidden under elegant dust jackets.
With a few torques in just the right places, the past is rendered totally, jarringly new.
Although the novel's chapters, functioning somewhat like stand-alone short stories, can lurch jarringly ahead in time, McIntosh's well-drawn characters, provocative commentary, and bleak but hauntingly beautiful imagery make up for a slightly disjointed story line.
this weekend marks the final performances of the mostly omnivourous theater group The Performance Collective's jarringly physical take on Jonathan Safran Foer's dietary tome, Eating Animals (Nov.
Putting aside, for a moment, the document's vision for an international monetary system that would somehow be accountable to a central authority and that would require a willing turnover of some national authority to a global body, it still outlines a jarringly radical approach to the world.