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The introduction also sets out a good aim, albeit somewhat jarringly.
For some readers these seemingly disparate sites may feel jarringly hap hazard.
Somewhat jarringly at first, there are flashbacks to the time, twenty-five years earlier, when the seeds of the current action were laid, and when the boy whose bones were at the core of their search was killed.
Juxtaposed with what seem to be exercises in dispassion, the images displayed on the third pair of devices felt jarringly optimistic, like a corrective of sorts, reassuring the viewer that what might be read as the artist's aestheticization of real-world horror was tempered by genuine empathy.
This shadow cabinet, with its lush exfoliation of titles and subtitles, smacks of left Babbitry, not of revolutionary ardor--it is a mirror-image of the electioneering routinism and office-seeking of the duopoly twins, purveying the illusion that merely electing (or, in this case, appointing) the right people to the right offices will peacefully usher in a bright new tomorrow--a vision that is jarringly at odds with the ferocity with which the elites will defend their rotting fortress until and unless routed by masses of an aroused and organized citizenry.
The request for an increase in Richardson's current yearly salary of $152,345 was quickly withdrawn after it became obvious that it was jarringly at odds with the message Lane County government was trying to send at the time - that the county was desperately short of funds and needed a property-tax increase for jail operations.
So I can understand the dismay and sense of chaos among the Shelley High School team when they lost the John Smith Stadium as their prom venue because the Catalans match suddenly, jarringly clashed with their knees-up.
TileWorld has been jarringly stapled to the regular Windows desktop underneath it.
beauty and unchecked grandiloquence abound in this new novel, but their purple glitter contrasts jarringly with the olive-drab of war and the wan aisles of Woolworth's.
With a title that automatically evokes Franz Kafka's unfinished first novel, Amerika provides a jarringly absurd version of the traditional immigrant narrative.
101, hauling from one backroad to the next, and you'll pray to Dionysus for corridors as jarringly compact as Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail.
With a few torques in just the right places, the past is rendered totally, jarringly new.