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(3) The jar or casket contained the gifts of the gods mentioned in l.82.
The old woman swore most solemnly that she would not, and when she had completed her oath, she began drawing off the wine into jars, and getting the barley meal into the bags, while Telemachus went back to the suitors.
But we found afterwards that we need not take such pains for water, for a little higher up the creek where we were we found the water fresh when the tide was out, which flowed but a little way up; so we filled our jars, and feasted on the hare he had killed, and prepared to go on our way, having seen no footsteps of any human creature in that part of the country.
In spite of the untoward surroundings, however, Tess bravely made a little cross of two laths and a piece of string, and having bound it with flowers, she stuck it up at the head of the grave one evening when she could enter the churchyard without being seen, putting at the foot also a bunch of the same flowers in a little jar of water to keep them alive.
The jar had been smashed - yess, smashed - not the native word, he would not think of that - but smashed - into fifty pieces, and twice three was six, and thrice three was nine, and four times three was twelve.
[USPRwire, Wed Jul 31 2019] Body Cream Jars: Overview The market for cosmetic packaging has witnessed substantial progression in the recent years, owing to the steady growth in the cosmetics sector.
For around $1, you can buy enough marbles to top off five or six standard jars. Boil the marbles for a few minutes before using them.
According to Seksenbayev, the jars may date back to the 10th century, the Karakhanids era.
The team instantly sealed off the factories and destroyed water jars.
Apparently over 60 agee jars were stockpiled in the couple's basement.
The mixer grinder comes with a set of five jars to support all the mixing-grinding-blending and storage needs.It includes a chutney jar, a dry jar, a wet jar, a blending jar with fruit filter and a grind and store jar.