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Anytime somebody sets a record now, there's a jaundiced eye turned on it.
If a baby is still jaundiced at two weeks, however, investigations are needed to find out the cause.
Our calculations indicate that the presence of the Gilbert genotype reduces the risk of harmful disease in the jaundiced individual but cannot rule it out.
Five months after the woman began taking tamoxifen, she appeared jaundiced and complained of lethargy, nausea and vomiting.
Dilip Hiro is an Indian-born, Western-trained journalist who does not have the jaundiced view of Iran that colors so much reporting on that country.
With this critical piece of information, clinicians can accurately differentiate their hemolytic and non-hemolytic jaundiced population and identify those babies that may require additional testing or closer monitoring prior to hospital discharge.
A week later, Kyle's grandmother is concerned that he is still jaundiced and requests to be seen by a hospital paediatrician.
These new guidelines suggest that Stanate(R), when approved by the FDA, should be considered as an alternative to exchange transfusion in severely jaundiced newborns.
But in 1935, she blazed onto the Broadway scene with ``The Women,'' an all-female comedy/drama that laid bare the jaundiced lives of some monumentally shallow Manhattan ladies.
He adds that a similar, quick external filtering of blood from severely jaundiced newborns -- perhaps through the umbilicus -- may one day eliminate their need for potentially dangerous blood transfusions.
The CO-Stat analyzer is the only device that passively and non-invasively identifies the rate of hemolysis, meeting the AAP's recommendation to identify hemolysis in jaundiced babies prior to discharge.
But David McClarty reacted angrily to the comments calling them jaundiced.