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I'm pregnant again and I'm worried this baby will be jaundiced too - is there any new treatment?
15% of mothers with jaundiced neonates experienced vaginal bleeding prior to labour, with 20% being sickling positive.
Mavroudi et al., "Bilirubin levels predict renal cortical changes in jaundiced neonates with urinary tract infection," World Journal of Pediatrics, vol.
National Institute of Child Health Karachi, is a tertiary care hospital that caters for a huge population of jaundiced neonates coming from urban and rural areas of Sindh and part of Baluchistan.
Serum calcium level before and after 24 hours of initiating phototherapy was 8.73+-0.68 mg/dl and 7.47+-0.82mg/dl respectively Frequency of hypocalcemia in term jaundiced neonates receiving phototherapy were observed in 22.76% (28/123).
This study was done to calculate the maternal and fetal mortality in jaundiced pregnant hospitalised cases.
We planned this study to find a way of decreasing burden on hospital staff, and providing the parents a more acceptable way of treating their jaundiced babies.
The objective of this study is to determine the frequency of G6PD deficiency in jaundiced neonates.
The increased risk of surgery in jaundiced patients was recognized as early as 1935 by Whipple et al.,[18] who proposed a two-stage procedure for surgery in severely jaundiced patients.
This has meant some jaundiced babies being sent to hospital for tests to see if they need special treatment.