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Robert Devereux, permanent secretary at the Department for Work and Pensions, flew business class to a conference in Vancouver in April to discuss how to cut social security spending with his JAUNT Duncan Smith, right, Devereux opposite numbers from the US, Canada and Australia.
CMC said, the contract will provide Jaunt resources to develop more content and conceptual innovation in VR film making.
And 700 children and families took part in the nine-mile Wee Jaunt Edinburgh and four-mile Wee Jaunt Murrayfield events.
We're excited to team up with such a forward-thinking media network to deliver cutting edge immersive experiences to audiences like never before," said Jaunt CEO Jens Christensen .
BEIRUT: Lebanese planning a jaunt to sunny Monaco this August can find a taste of home among the oodles of Italian and French bistros and shops selling Monegasque snacks.
After the success of their party last New Year's Eve, Jaunt and Apex - both armed with their unmistakable house vibes - will do it all again.
FRIDAY: Victoria flies home to LA to see David for the first time in two weeks after completing her fashion jaunt.
The jaunt across the Atlantic will set mum and dad back a four figure sum.
Thus begins a hide-and-seek jaunt around the galaxy, as Jack tries to elude the Syndics long enough to retrain the Alliance fleet in basic unified maneuvers (a skill lost over the years with the loss of experienced officers and their replacement by younger and younger new troops).
It's quite incredible that he and his cohorts can have lavished nearly a quarter of a million pounds on his latest jaunt - this time to the recent Ryder Cup event in Ireland.
At 66, her voice has retained the supple-yet-brittle emotive quality and controlled rasp that made even the simplest tear-in-my-beer country jaunt hauntingly beautiful.
Forestall fireworks with a July 4 jaunt to visit relatives you actually like.