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The heavily chromatic, minor Plaint seems ill-suited to the characters' wedding feast; musically, it is of a completely different style than the jauntier pieces that precede and follow it.
SHOWING: Showcase VERDICT: Vardalos injects life into the film's jauntier second half, but half of the audience will have given up by then DONALD Petrie's bumbling romantic comedy marks the long awaited return of Nia Vardalos to the big screen, seven years after her self-penned, Oscar nominated smash My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
She injects life into the film's jauntier second half but half of the audience will have given up by then.
After a decade of mainly acoustic - led Belle And Sebastian-style fey in die pop, the six-strong Camera Obscura have a rockier, jauntier angle for their third album, Let's Get Out Of This Country, which is out next month.
The Second Concerto (1933) is a kind of bookend to the First, much less weighty and rigid; it actually has discernable rhythms and a overall jauntier demeanor to counteract the coolness of the First.
Assisted by an all-star studio band anchored by the drums and bass duo of Sly Dunbar and Robbic Shakespeare, Mittoo demonstrates his skill at creating a wide variety of moods and musical textures, from the dark and soulful "Peace Treaty" to the jauntier "Jumping Jack" and various points in between.
CHARLOTTE Church's film debut is a far jauntier effort than either Britney's or Mariah Carey's.
MAVEN reels off JOUNCES, JAUNTIER, and OVERTOIL on successive plays, each for exactly 86 points, to come from behind against future national champion Bob Felt.