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A UDC spokeswoman said the nappies would be attached to the jaunting cars and will catch the horse droppings.
Jarveys driving jaunting cars in Killarney National Park were refused entry for ignoring calls to attach dungcatchers to their cars.
Now a counter proposal to axe the nappy plan is being put forward by local councillor Donal Grady whose family own jaunting cars.
Paul Tangney, who has been operating jaunting carriages in Killarney National Park for 25 years, said the ban would decimate the tourist industry in the area.
Thanks to support from the RAPID rural development group in Claudy, Martin is equipping Charabanc Tour jaunting cars with an audio guide and leaflet to give visitors information in a variety of languages.
Yesterday the jaunting cars continued to operate along 15 kilometres of internal roadway in the park which stretches from the town to Ross Castle and along the byways of the Muckross area.
Traditional jaunting carriages are very popular with visitors to Killarney, Co Kerry, but recent complaints about dung on the streets may force the introduction of the so-called 'equine sanitary devices'.
Jim Bolger, who recorded a double here on Sunday, can land the Carrolls Rose of Tralee Ladies Race with the once raced filly Jaunting, who made an impressive debut at Tipperary.