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We have had discussions with the jarveys as there are particular traditional jaunting cars unique to Killarney and we need to a get a design that works with them," the spokeswoman said.
With the design of the traditional jaunting cars in Killarney, these devices could cause the horses to kick out or bolt and there could be mayhem.
Council chairman Sean Counihan said the problem in the town centre had been alleviated this year by the opening of the aptly named Inner Relief Road for jaunting cars.
The NPWS said up to 66 jaunting cars operate in the park and they had been repeatedly reminded of the new requirement since the beginning of June.
The NPWS apologised to users of the park and said it hopes the jaunting car operators will change their mind.
Park officials checked to see if the horses had their nappies on and noted the jaunting car numbers and the jarveys are expected to get written warnings.
It stated: "The NPWS are disappointed to note that your jaunting car has not been equipped with such a device despite a process of consultation and demonstrations in relation to these arrangements.
He also warned that the nappies may not be compatible with the jaunting cars, putting their traditional and attractive design at risk.
Stepping up in distance today, Jaunting will have the assistance of Angela Crowley, and gets the vote to beat fellow three-year-old Darbela and the smart four-year-old Musical Mayhem, who appears to have a very tough task at the weights.