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Our Saviour, meek, and with untroubled mind After hisaerie jaunt, though hurried sore, Hungry and cold, betook him to his rest, Wherever, under some concourse of shades, Whose branching arms thick intertwined might shield From dews and damps of night his sheltered head; But, sheltered, slept in vain; for at his head The Tempter watched, and soon with ugly dreams Disturbed his sleep.
Every one thought it was but a pleasure jaunt. He was away about a month, then "home he returns a married man that went out a bachelor."* We can imagine how surprised the little boys would be to find that their grave teacher of thirty-four had brought home a wife, a wife, too, who was little more than a girl a few years older than themselves.
Deeming it possible that my readers may not object to know what kind of thing such a gipsy party may be at that distance from home, and among what sort of objects it moves, I will describe the jaunt in another chapter.
Guests are advised to dress smartly - jeans and trainers are frowned upon - for two jaunts from London to Kent in May next year.
The residents of Northumberland deserve better and I trust as part of the ongoing investigation into this, all the excessive expense for these jaunts are paid back, in full, out of the councillors' own pockets and they are then deselected from standing again.
Approved creators will have access to Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS), Jaunts cloud-based VR production software suite that comprises of support for spatial audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and processing and preparation for distribution on different VR headsets and devices.
But my parents' two jaunts were the only time they, or I, left the country throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s - it was too exotic and expensive, despite Cliff's urgings.
Popular UAE food firm Just Falafel is continuing its overseas jaunts, launching 160 new outlets across North America.
AN OAP crook faces having his driving licence taken away in a bid to stop his crime jaunts.
TRIBUTE TO SIR BOBBY Durham lad, born and raised Achievements of life so often praised The real man, so many times showing through The mind, the heart of a Geordie true Words of passion gave hope to one and all When country and beloved Magpies asked, you answered the call After your merry jaunts, your European roam Your fondest wish awarded you came home You will be forever in the hearts of every Geordie And this nation What need of further ovation?
Our report last week about pounds 500million plus spent on taxpayer-funded overseas jaunts for MPs attracted a flood of angry letters...
I DON'T suppose I am unique in this, but I am heartily sick of hearing about Wales' New Labour First Minister Rhodri Morgan's propensity for jaunts near and far, especially when they seem to involve him enjoying sporting events at our expense.