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A jaunty little feather of water curled in front of it, and as it lifted it showed a long ladder of Roman numerals - XV.
There were a few middle-aged and even elderly women in the train, their silver-wiry hair and wrinkled faces, scourged by time and trouble, having almost a grotesque, certainly a pathetic, appearance in such a jaunty situation.
A reddish, hook-nosed man, with a jaunty, wicked look, came and smiled upon me in the friendliest fashion; the smell of onions became more than I knew how to endure.
But the first appearance of Old Sharon--as dirty as ever, clothed in a long, frowzy, gray overcoat, with his pug-dog at his heels, and his smoke-blackened pipe in his mouth, with a tan white hat on his head, which looked as if it had been picked up in a gutter, a hideous leer in his eyes, and a jaunty trip in his walk--took her so completely by surprise that she could only return Moody's friendly greeting by silently pressing his hand.
The dark blue dress, fitting without a wrinkle, the hat with its jaunty black feather, the but-slightly-soiled gloves--all representing self- denial, even of food itself--were vastly becoming.
He sauntered along, wearing his hat a little on one side, with a light jaunty step, swinging his big stick, humming to himself, looking up from time to time at the houses and gardens on either side of him with superb, smiling patronage.
There was something soldierly in his bearing, and he wore a jaunty cap and jacket.
He walks constantly on the terrace during the summer months, with a youthful and jaunty air, which has rendered him the admiration of the numerous elderly ladies of single condition, who reside in the vicinity.
Jaunty Spiv yw hunan arall y ffotograffydd ifanc Manon Williams.
Despite the small matter of the Second World War going on, the tone is curiously jaunty.
Perfect for the song then for it is all of these things - remarkable, ludicrous, exquisite, dingy, uplifting and jaunty.
The jump jockey, whose rides at next month's Cheltenham Festival include the mighty Big Buck's in the Ladbrokes World Hurdle, was kicked after being unseated from Jaunty Journey when leading the field at the first flight of the extended three-mile handicap hurdle.