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Jealous approaches this moment of reckoning from a different direction than many of his Democratic peers, one that almost sounds like optimism.
To be fair, who isn't jealous of the crazy, wacky, unbreakable bond that these two funnymen share?
When Kourtney brought Younes with her it was basically to make Scott jealous - and it worked
Try to have a sensible discussion with him about why you feel jealous or threatened.
She was the only girlfriend I had who did not feel jealous of my best friend.
The 29-year-old actress, who is expecting her first child with her journalist fiance, said that she didn't think she was a jealous type until she started dating Duriac, adding that maybe it came with the territory as she's with a Frenchman.
Jealous of the Angels was her first single and reached number one on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and was championed by Smooth Radio and Radio 2 while subsequent single Not Yet achieved A-List rotation on Radio 2 as well as plays on Magic and Smooth Radio.
Jealous last month announced that he would leave the civil rights organization at the end of the year.
Jealous, who became the organization's youngest leader when he took over five years ago at age 35, said in an interview Sunday that he had decided to spend more time with his family, and that he felt he had left the civil rights group in a strong position.
I often say that I'm very jealous that they didn't get me one.
PETER ANDRE has admitted he is jealous of Gavin Henson's body.
I am never jealous," said Hodgson, who boasts a wealth of experience from a coaching career that has taken him around Europe.