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Kasoko said while he was grateful to government for construction of the health center in the area, it was important that the residents in the area should jealously guard the property.
The brother, who himself is a teenager, was trapped in his own sheltered jealously and doubts about his sister's whereabouts.
Summary: A MILLION hearts beat to his name -- reason as good as any to keep his phone number a jealously guarded secret.
Andy looks on jealously as Jo becomes closer to Mick's grandson Lee.
Its principal asset was fish, an asset so jealously guarded that back in the 1970s some Icelandic skippers had indulged in spectacularly unseaman-like manoeuvres to inflict nasty, expensive dents in some of Her Majesty's frigates.
Universal's prompt response is, however, an indication of just how jealously the album is being guarded.
considers jealously as a manifestation of a culture in crisis over different forms of social change, including the emergence of bourgeois values, mutating conceptions of marriage, revisions of family law and martial practices, and new questions surrounding constructions of masculinity.
The now Houston-based Canadian Joshua Hopkins plied a rich baritone as Marcello and deftly portrayed the painter's jealously and tenderness.
The initiative, which boasts 100 percent participation by Bay State hospitals, is a welcome move toward greater transparency in an industry that traditionally has guarded such information jealously.
A news tip must "be jealously guarded from rivals" It can't even be confirmed or investigated, "for fear of attracting their attention.
The only problem is would the Government have the courage to upset the middle-class voter it so jealously covets in order to win the next election?
into the other side's jealously guarded little rope cave.