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In golf, the cheers and jeers began as the golfer set up for his swing, continued through the swing and stopped after the ball had been hit.
F3-K entry 81Madrid soared to victory in the Jeer Shaheen Farkh (Cars) in the Sheikhs category clocking the best time of 18.
And the Democrat drew a few jeers of her own when she said she understood why her rival was wary of teleprompters, because they can be difficult to follow and "I'm sure it's even harder when you're translating from the original Russian".
LONDON: Rafael Benitez was the target of angry jeers and taunts from fans of his new club Chelsea yesterday, on a day of unhappy reunions in the Premier League.
A goalless scoreline at the interval in any Primera Liga game here would usually mean jeers, whistles and lately, the waving of white handkerchiefs in disapproval of this side and their unpopular regime.
The crowds at the sambodromo boisterously cheered second-place finisher Beija Flor and fourth-place samba school Mocidade Independente do Padre Miguel, but they greeted the nearly 4,000 members of Imperatriz Leopoldinense with jeers.
Jeers rose in volume as Mr Farage told the MEPs: "You as a political project are in denial.
Judging by the jeers, his absence has not made hearts grow fonder.
Neymar, the young striker expected to lead Brazil's attack at the World Cup, was stunned to hear the jeers from fans.
But he has shrugged aside the jeers to help Brendan Rodgers' men march into the Championship top two and is determined to carry on the good work in tomorrow's showdown with Leeds.
And he declared it was "crazy" for the jeers to start following the stalemate on Wednesday night.