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In the heavily contested Jeer Tabaa Farkh (Cash) event, which attracted 91 entries, Hamid Rashid Al Mansouri's falcon named 'Clip' emerged the winner in a time of 19.970 seconds.
He had a difficult time to start with and was on the end of some boos and jeers and it affected him and his performances.
The independent variables were type of audience feedback (cheers, jeers, or silent), a within subjects manipulation, and type of sport played (golf, baseball, and basketball), a between subjects variable.
F3-K entry 81Madrid soared to victory in the Jeer Shaheen Farkh (Cars) in the Sheikhs category clocking the best time of 18.183 seconds after another F3-K entry set the pace clocking 18.504.
But I wouldn't jeer, whistle and boo during the Welsh National Anthem, and would fight anyone that would.
Wenger's comments came after the Highbury faithful jeered the team for their below-par performance in the 1-1 draw against Boro.
Italy's Tuttosport reported: 'Booing from Hearts fans for Pope', while the China Daily paper carried a story saying 'Scottish Fans Jeer Pope'.
But he bagged twice in the second half as the hosts ran out 3-0 winners - and he insisted being jeered is simply part of the game.
The President who was prompt in rising up to the situation, however, cautioned the lawmakers who jeered at him, telling them to behave themselves, saying, that the world was watching them.
But when TV cameras spotted him, he was jeered by spectators at the south London cricket ground.
The RB Leipzig player (right) was greeted with jeers when he came on as a sub in the 55th minute.