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in good sooth, Montalais is properly punished," cried the jeering brunette, still laughing.
Stuart and his companions, he checked his horse, raised himself in his saddle, and clapping his hand on the most insulting part of his body, uttered some jeering words, which, fortunately for their delicacy, they could not understand.
and he rowed to the schooner to find Tom Platt and the others jeering at the skipper because, for once, he had led them to the edge of the barren Whale-deep, the blank hole of the Grand Bank.
Always before I had seen prisoners of note, or returned wanderers of eminence, paraded from the Gate of Jeddaks to the Temple of Reward up the broad Avenue of Ancestors through dense crowds of jeering or cheering citizens.
Of course no one knows anything about her but you," muttered the young man in a would-be jeering tone.
For five good minutes they stood there, shouting ribaldry at him, deriding him, mocking him, jeering at him.
Of course we're always writing about women--abusing them, or jeering at them, or worshipping them; but it's never come from women themselves.
So I skulked near the shop of the little garments, jeering at myself, and it was strange to me to reflect at, say, three o'clock that if I had been brazen at half-past two all would now be over.
The Growleywogs gave a shout of jeering laughter at this, and one of them caught the Nome in his strong arms and tossed him high into the air.
To abandon the square was to lose it to his opponent and win for himself ignoble and immediate death before the jeering populace.
Near midday, as they were approaching the Thames near the environs of London, they saw a great concourse of people hooting and jeering at a small party of gentlemen and gentlewomen.
Well," Gryphus went on, in his jeering way, "as you are a sorcerer, you will live, notwithstanding.