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'If leaders stand here to speak, I do not want to hear anyone jeering or cheering them,' said the CS.
Warner has successfully tackled the jeering as he is the highest run-getter of the tournament with 500 runs under his belt.
Supporters we spoke to yesterday believe Bellamy should have been more measured in his criticism of them, but also argued jeering of Whittingham was unfair.
However they were both released after the 25-year-old admitted to jeering and the 30-year-old to insulting Christofias.
Joseph O'Brien had the crowd jeering when he raced alone round the wide outside on Imperial Monarch, but jeers changed to cheers when he won.
Athletes must perform in front of crowds in every game, and crowds express their feelings about athletes' performances by, for instance, cheering (supporting them) or jeering (discouraging them).
As he left the field at half-time, the former England captain was held back as he attempted to leap over a barrier to remonstrate with a section of the crowd who had been jeering him.
JIM GOODWIN paved the way to a 2-0 win over Scunthorpewith his first Town goal then told jeering visiting fans: "You spurred me on."
The North African jeering at the national anthem caused widespread protestations among the French who took offense.
But Schools Secretary Ed Balls insisted there was "still a lot to play for" and - in a message directed squarely at former Cabinet Minister Charles Clarke - urged fellow Labour MPs to stick together and "stop jeering at the manager".
But the remark on Sunday led to delegates interrupting the minister, shouting and jeering.
But the remark provoked noisy protests from the conference as delegates interrupted the minister with shouting and jeering.