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INEVER have and never will understand what makes football supporters boo and jeer one of their own players during a game.
The independent variables were type of audience feedback (cheers, jeers, or silent), a within subjects manipulation, and type of sport played (golf, baseball, and basketball), a between subjects variable.
True to his form, the jeer did not deter Kalmadi as he went on to read out his self-congratulatory prepared speech.
A goalless scoreline at the interval in any Primera Liga game here would usually mean jeers, whistles and lately, the waving of white handkerchiefs in disapproval of this side and their unpopular regime.
Following the 10-minute break, the council rejoined at the table, only to end the meeting abruptly after continued jeers from the audience.
The crowds at the sambodromo boisterously cheered second-place finisher Beija Flor and fourth-place samba school Mocidade Independente do Padre Miguel, but they greeted the nearly 4,000 members of Imperatriz Leopoldinense with jeers.
NEW YORK -- "Cheers & Jeers," TV Guide magazine's popular weekly opinion column, famous for bestowing its unique seal of approval or disapproval on what's happening on television, has expanded to TVGuide.
Jeers rose in volume as Mr Farage told the MEPs: "You as a political project are in denial.
Judging by the jeers, his absence has not made hearts grow fonder.
Throughout the first half of the game, he was subjected to jeers and obscene chants.
UNDER-FIRE Newcastle def ender Celestine Babayaro has been backed to turn Toon Army jeers to cheers.