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Paragraphs like this one are strewn around The Fifty-Year Wound and they make the author's conclusion, that the Cold War struggle was "worthwhile" seem jejune.
Readers generally may be annoyed by the many jejune claims like the following: "The boldness and power of these conclusions shook the philosophical world" (p.
As we might expect from Jane Sayers, the result is magisterial, both for its expert introduction, and for its treasury of letters, jejune relics as these are -- perhaps 5 per cent of what once existed -- of Henry VIII's dissolutions, and here retrieved from over fifty public and private collections.
marched' in Melbourne in support of that jejune view" and that he "having previously allowed himself to be seen as a constitutional monarchist, subsequently thought it politic to opt for a republic".
These include the jejune Veronika, madly in love with the hard-drinking, egomaniacal Hardy.
The media are not going to settle for something as jejune as that.
4 It is of course also possible to decide that the book's execution of its purpose doesn't work, that the thick description yields a portrait that is vapid or tiresome, banal or jejune, but those judgments would be the basis for a different kind of critique from the one Williams offers.
Economics is the study of exchange and is the only body of theory that we have: to reject it is to plunge us into a vacuum, likely to be filled by jejune assertions, such as those of some ancient historians, that ancient societies had no 'economies'.
Instead one is sideswiped by a book that is theoretically jejune, disfigured by cliches, carelessly composed, and demonstrably mistaken on numerous matters of fact.
Over the years, a jejune Romeo matures into Hamlet, then ripens further into Prospero; a beloved Rosalind hardens into Lady Macbeth, then mellows into Mistress Quickly.
The resulting personal statement was the second time Mr Hague has made me cringe, the first being his understandably jejune performance on Radio 4's Any Questions immediately after his debut as a 16-year-old at the Conservative Party conference.
My colleague lamentingly summed it up thus: "Theory is bad, political thought in art is wrong, activism is jejune, the free market is good, individualism is great, the amoral artist is genius.