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He feels that the painting is responsible for the "jejune air" in the room.
The parallels with a "God's-eye view" of human life are obvious, and in fact the game pushes the spiritual aspect in several areas--the concept of "nonchalance," which seems to borrow from various "divine fool" traditions; the mystical powers apparently developed by the missing Eva, perhaps in conjunction with her father, who invented the mysterious "Algorithm" which may allow people to enter an alternate form of existence called "Elsewhere"; and especially in the "cult"-like attributes of the Jejune Institute and its autocratic director, Octavio Coleman, Esq.
CUTLINE: A graphic illustration from "That Guy: The ABC's of EnterPrize Personalities," shows one of the featured workplace personalities, "Jejune."
(2002) report that in its path, the cranial mesenteric artery originates an arch near to the mesenteric margin of the jejune and ileum, and from this arch vessels leave to this segment of the small intestine obeying irregular gaps and, approximately, in right angles.
Or who had previously read the two Gaelic novels of 1901, Father Patrick Dinneen's Cormac Ua Conaill and Una Ni Fhaircheallaigh's Gradh agus Cradh as products, however jejune, of the European fin de siecle?
This Annual Report is not meant to present a jejune account of the activities undertaken by the organs of the Tribunal in the last twelve months.
In this respect, Michael Moore's screed is nothing new; it is, in fact, a mere cinematic rehash of the same jejune appeals to human envy that animated the Levellers of 17th-century England, the Jacobins of 18th-century France, the communists of 19th-century Europe, and Marxists and socialists of every stripe in the 20th century up to our own day.
Until the military services and professional military education institutions are willing to tolerate courses in which emphasis is placed upon deductive theories of moral reasoning instead of insisting upon materials and results which can be quantified and measured, we will have continued jejune moral training.
jejune is this: the bacteria has a very small genome and lacks most of the well-known regulations systems that other pathogens rely on to withstand environmental stress and attacks by immune systems of hosts, but it still infects humans and causes gastro-enteritis, rarely causes serious neuropathies, and is developing antibiotic-resistant strains.
Hummel's piano concertos indubitably inspired Chopin's, and arc-free from the Pole's sometimes jejune notions of orchestral scoring.
In order to ensure the appointment of a blue-eyed, non-professional Grade-12 boy to a post in the Nangarhar Customs Department, the authorities prepared a patently jejune questionnaire, unrelated to the job.