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Franchot's office, in documents provided to legislative analysts, argue that a reduction in the enforcement efficacy tied to moving field enforcement to a new agency could jeopardize those annual payouts.
We reject any attempts that would jeopardize the security, stability and peaceful coexistence in the Kurdistan Region," said the statement.
Paying the media also jeopardizes their important role as unbiased observers in society.
Navy intervened in March 1999, saying the normal discovery process would jeopardize its right under Reynolds to keep the invention's uses secret.
Concerned that a legal ruling could jeopardize tax incentives that benefit manufacturers, Congress introduced legislation that preserves the right of states to offer economic development tax incentives that encourage businesses to expand or relocate to their state.
warning that it would jeopardize its part in the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, that also includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
His most important individual contribution to the opposition was his warning to the princes that unless they could ensure the safety of the innocent, they must halt the further prosecution of suspected witches or jeopardize their own salvation.
As much as you may want to pay for your children's college educations, no single mother should jeopardize her own future to do so.
Bruce Staines, mine manager of Superior Aggregates, stopped short of saying whether a full assessment would jeopardize his Wawa-based company's plans to blast and crush 1,000 tonnes of trap rock per day, but added a long, drawn-out process would "certainly damage the chances of the operation being profitable."
It also notes that the rise in children's soft drink consumption is leading to less milk consumption, which could jeopardize the formation of maximal
Tauzin (R-LA) and Edward Markey (D-MA), principal sponsors of the TREAD act, wrote a letter to the NHTSA raising concerns that the ruling "may jeopardize safety by allowing tires on vehicles to reach an unsafe condition before a motorist is warned." There have been articles favorable to the RMA's position in most of the nation's leading papers, and the American Automobile Association urged the NHTSA to take seriously the concerns raised by the tiremakers.
We Greens support the Palestinians and the Israelis who refuse to jeopardize the future, such as the members of the Peace Israeli and Palestinian Coalition and others who fight for the recognition of the national rights of the Palestinian people and the creation of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem East as capital, who fight for a durable peace between the two states of Israel and Palestine, based upon justice, security and reciprocity.