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Besides, Tom,' says I, `it jest spiles your gals; they get sickly, and down in the mouth; and sometimes they gets ugly,--particular yallow gals do,--and it's the devil and all gettin' on 'em broke in.
The Friar dropped the flagon, and grasped his quarter-staff Wamba stopt short in the midst of a jest, and betook himself to sword and target.
I've knet yeh eight pair of socks, Henry, and I've put in all yer best shirts, because I want my boy to be jest as warm and comf'able as anybody in the army.
How can the king have the heart to jest about a man who has rendered him so many and such great services?
I dunno what was in your pockets when I dried your kit, fer I didn't look to see; but I'd say, using the very same words ez you used jest now, neither me nor dad - an' we was the only two that teched you after you was brought aboard - knows anythin' 'baout the money.
But you know the wise maxim your excellency, advising one to expect the worst," said the Austrian general, evidently wishing to have done with jests and to come to business.
But your husband doesn't introduce me jest exactly right.
This is no jest, Arthur,' said I, seriously, but as calmly as I could - 'unless you think it a jest to lose my affection for ever.
He was, therefore, silent at present; but resolved to take the first opportunity of returning the jest by abuse.
He don't speak ter no one; and he lives all alone in a great big lovely house all full of jest grand things, they say.
Unless it was taken by somebody in jest--only in jest, dear grandfather, which would make me laugh heartily if I could but know it--'
Knowest thou not that thou and thy name are jests upon the lips of every brave yeoman?