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Well, now, for my part," said he, with the most natural air possible, "I am not an enemy of jesting, my dear Monsieur d'Artagnan; my soldiers will tell you that even many times in camp, I listened very indifferently, and with a certain pleasure, to the satirical songs which the army of Lambert passed into mine, and which, certainly, would have caused the ears of a general more susceptible than I am to tingle.
It gives us a good idea of the rudeness of the times when such jesting with what we hold as sacred seemed not amiss.
Most fortunate," he said to his wife, dismissing Vronsky altogether, "that I should just have half an hour to meet you, so that I can prove my devotion," he went on in the same jesting tone.
You lay too much stress on your devotion for me to value it much," she responded in the same jesting tone, involuntarily listening to the sound of Vronsky's steps behind them.
The two-night event will be the culmination of a regionwide search for comic talent by the BBC and will provide the material for the next series of Jesting About on Radio Newcastle.
James and Jack Boughen, from Eaglescliffe, will have a sketch show of their material broadcast on BBC Tees and BBC Newcastle over the Easter weekend called Jesting About.
4) Both Castiglione and Stefano Guazzo in his influential Civile Conversation, translated by George Pettie and Bartholomew Young (1581, 1586), recommend a golden mean in joking that antagonistic Antonio and Sebastian ignore, (5) Chris Holcomb asserts that "[n]early every early modern handbook that includes a discussion of jesting defines the subject matter of laughter as deformity, either in physical appearance or behavior.
Last night crowds packed into the Live Theatre in Newcastle to hear more on the Jesting About project.
Turns out Sadie was just jesting - and the bling was her old engagement ring from her ex, Gary Kemp.
Moreover, in chapter nine, "Le Club" ("The Club"), the author introduces a story to illustrate the jesting alliance between the Bisa and Gourounsi.
She shows us an early modern world in which women were actively and enthusiastically engaged in a culture of jesting, forging strong social bonds and articulating their pleasure in mocking laughter.
I sometimes struggled to understand him but our jesting was all done in fun.