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"The great thing about Jesting About is seeing a performer for the first time and knowing that they'd work well on the radio.
The brothers, who went to Egglescliffe Comprehensive School, are hoping Jesting About will lead to more work and prove you can be successful in the field without moving to London.
* Jesting About will air on BBC Tees at 7pm on Good Friday, April 6, and Easter Monday, April 9 at 9.30pm.
These consequences are also clear in the jesting between Richard and the little princes in the midst of act 3, scene 1.
His possession of a jesting spirit thus has had profound consequences for the possibility of his future happiness.
Gossip, Brown contends, could give women "a measure of power as arbiters of behavior" (39); the alehouse, where women (contrary to the view of several historians) had a significant presence as proprietors and patrons, became a place for women "to stage their own brand of comic drama" (76) and for the "cross-fertilization of everyday jesting and theater" (71).
Brown's title proverb, "better a shrew than a sheep," provides us with some of this book's most original and thought-provoking analysis of jesting culture and its relation to the theater and to real life.
Pointing to more vigorous cultural images of women holding their own in both drinking and jesting competitions (such as popular tales of Mother Bunch and Long Meg of Westminster), Brown maintains that women played a vital role in what she characterizes as 'neighborhood theatre.'
While it may be the case that women's place in jesting culture has been overlooked up to this point, this book will assuredly persuade many other scholars to follow the evidentiary trail that Brown has blazed here.
Although the author cites comprehensively the scholarship on humor in general and jesting in particular, the introduction and following chapters suggest a lesser command of movements in Renaissance humanism and early modem legal practice.
Other past Jesting About success stories include Victoria Cook who, after taking part in Jesting About 2, won presenting roles and a part in BAFTAnominated CBBC programme Definitely Not Newsround, while other contributors have gone on to write for the likes of Mr Bean, Vic and Bob and Mock The Week.
Last night an oversubscribed audience filed into Live Theatre on Newcastle's quayside to listen to a discussion panel, including Bob and top comedy brass from the BBC, and hear more about how Jesting About could offer a doorway to getting their funniness heard.