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The "story" is the meeting between Sarah and Padraic to make the exchange (via syringe, it should be noted, not "the old-fashioned way," though Padraic jestingly suggests that might be easier).
Schnarrwergk, as part of his natural history collection, does not only symbolically import Darwinian discourse, but imagines its literal significance in terms of space and relationship: by observing how the various human characters relate to the monkey in their midst, the text explores various degrees of involvement and closeness between the two species, jestingly turning the problem of "man's place in nature" into the question of "ape's place in culture.
She had not prayed aright since that first June night when she met young Herbert down in the beech grove, and heard him speak jestingly of her lover, saying "she was far too pretty and refined for such an odd old cove.
The Flying Post reported on 29 November 'Yesterday came on another Trial at the Common-Pleas Bar, against one Hodgson the Player for using prophanely and jestingly the Name of God upon the stage.
The goalie-rental industry--sometimes jestingly called "goalie hooking" by participants--first emerged in Toronto and Montreal in the early 1990s and picked up momentum through the decade.
It had Faldo comparing him with tennis legend Bjorn Borg for his self-control and composure, the two all-time greats exchanging smiles and a warm handshake at the end, Faldo even jestingly asking Tiger for his driver for caddie-son Matthew "as you never use it
Mo Mowlam was, famously, a blunt talker, once even jestingly threatening to head-butt Mr Adams, and it was this quality that both made her so unusual in politics and also paved the way to peace.
Plutarch records that he met the soothsayer along the way and told him jestingly, "The Ides of March are come;" to which the soothsayer, unruffled, replied, "Yes, they are come, but they are not past.
The younger Amis knew from first-person testimony, from all of those Russian and East European types who had passed through what everyone jestingly referred to as "Fascist House," what conditions had prevailed under the regimes of Lenin and Stalin.
He uses the word "merda" jestingly in connection with Paris (1500) in his roguish correspondence wi th Fausto Andrelini, the Italian poet mentioned above.
Andrew Marvell wrote jestingly of the flatness of Holland:
I jestingly said to Clem one day that, with his attention to ashtrays, his passion for differentiating between different styles of vodka, his (sometimes) courteous manner and his interest in remembering strangers' names, he might become a good barman, since it was obvious that no one wished to read his art criticism.