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45am to find two shoe boxes wrapped in plastic bags on the doorstep and opened the boxes to see five jet-black kittens looking back at her.
When I got to UCLA, Coach Wooden was this young, spry guy with jet-black hair and a fine step wherever he walked.
An upbeat, happy-faced--almost embraceable--but stereotypically jet-black cloth doll replaced an offputting version of the same genre, holding a tray of even less attractive ones.
IT'S the final episode of the second series of Julia Davis's jet-black comedy, and things are about to get tricky for Jill.
The papal study is to be expanded and a jet-black grand piano added.
The less interesting elements of King's discussion reflect the old paradox much discussed by James devotees: How could a native Trinidadian, jet-black at that, regional nationalist when young, key activist of Pan-Africanism during the 1930s-40s, and ardent supporter of Black Power in old age, define himself, his intellectual life and tastes, so often in European terms, from Shakespeare to cricket?
Embedded in its center was a jet-black eschar the size of a pea.
No one has ever observed one directly, but chances are that you envision some gargantuan jet-black entity that's far, far away and insatiably consuming any matter or light that comes near it.
The jet-black PUR reportedly gels in less than 50 seconds and can be demolded in approx.
The jet-black colored polyurethane gels in less than 50 seconds and can be demolded in about five minutes.
Draped in stretch fabric with tridentlike combs lancing her impossibly oversize jet-black bun, Martha sucks in the spotlight, strikes a classic Graham pose, and delivers actual excerpts from the original diva's notebooks.
Males are a jet-black colour with white wing flashes.