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Rossy and his protege Vince Reffet also made history in Dubai this week with their first-ever twin human formation flight using a jet-propelled wing.
It's a long way to Kentucky from Cheltenham but for Conor Murphy, Henderson's second head lad, the transatlantic journey was to be jet-propelled on the wings of a massive payout from a PS50 bet struck with bet365 before Christmas on five horses trained by his guv'nor.
He loves to shoot on sight, is often rewarded in style, and has bags of trickery at his seemingly jet-propelled feet.
And now the Welsh are looking for another jet-propelled performance from the Tottenham prodigy.
The manufacturer also states that the Unimog has already proved its suitability as a towing vehicle for jet-propelled aircraft and helicopters during several tests with Germany's forces.
British pioneer, who became famous as an aircraft designer and manufacturer, who was one of the first to make jet-propelled aircraft including the Comet - the world's first long-distance passenger jet.
Britain's first jet-propelled aircraft flew in an independence movement, later becoming 1941.
Yves Rossy flew the Grand Canyon using his jet-propelled wing attached to his back .
Yves Rossy dropped into the canyon from a helicopter and soared around the rockface with a jet-propelled wing attached to his back.
Summary: A daredevil nicknamed 'Jetman' has performed a spectacular mid-air acrobatic feat involving a hot-air balloon and a jet-propelled wing.
A former Swiss fighter pilot has taken to the skies - without a plane - becoming the first person to complete two aerial loops using only a custom-made jet-propelled wing suit.