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Jibe's cloud-based technology and economics are enabling the rapid cost-efficient transition to a globally connected IP mobile network able to deliver the most innovative and engaging communication services, said Amir Sarhangi, co-founder and CEO of Jibe Mobile.
However, the decision to leave the tour shows courage, not weakness, and that the vast majority of players have reacted sympathetically to the news illustrates that, regardless of what we saw and heard at the Gabba, the sport isn't completely about pathetic schoolboy jibes and nasty threats.
Might I suggest that if she finds it somewhat distasteful that politicians should engage in political jibes against their opponents then she should well steer clear of the weekly Parliamentary Punch and Judy Show known as Prime Minister's Question Time where they make me look like a mere beginner!
Quizzed about his small-club jibe, Benitez joked: "You have a good memory."
Quizzed about his small-club jibe ahead of tomorrow's game, Benitez joked: "You have a good memory."
PERHAPS before rushing to condemn Baroness Shreela Flather's so called 'jibe', the Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance (Examiner, 'Huddersfield's Pakistani community fume over Baroness Flather's benefits jibe' September 27) should have got their facts right.
A JIBE about Teesside's absence from the current riots has prompted another apology from the host of an infamous TV show.
On Farah Khan's chat show, Tere Mere Beach Mein, Viveik surprised film lovers by taking a jibe at ex- girlfriend Aishwarya.
MARK HUGHES re-opened the war of words between City and United last night by repeating the jibe that Sir Alex Ferguson's champions aren't really from Manchester.
When the results failed to jibe with the Bush administration's pro-privatization bent, the department resorted to a common tactic: Department staffers released the report late on Friday afternoon with no fanfare and ran home for the weekend.
Dear Editor, - You launch a casual but nonetheless cheap jibe at media studies students in your leader ('Skills Shortage', March 11).