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3) Make two complete 360 degree turns in the same direction, including two tacks and two jibes.
Our staff and students have a very profitable relationship with your profession and it is always insulting to be the object of such jibes.
An example of how your vacation can jibe with ecotourism: Stay at a "tree-house resort.
The parts I've seen of the video just don't jibe with what they're claiming they are," he said.
But how does all of this jibe with that safety tattoo?
Although the findings didn't exactly jibe with his first-hand knowledge, he was so eager to improve this part of his district that he immediately began revamping some policies.
Jibe develops peer-based Content Delivery Networks [CDNs].
Paul's Cathedral in Kamloops said that sometimes the "legal parameters don't necessarily jibe with the realities of being human, alive.
The information reported didn't jibe with the taxpayer's filing status.
968 to mean "To be in accord; agree: Your figures jibe with mine.
How did his tactics and techniques jibe with the American character, or not jibe with it?