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But if you jibe first, you'll be able to come out of your second tack and build speed on your original course.
The group has also targeted Jeremy Clarkson, AA Gill and Anne Robinson for anti-Welsh jibes.
It was described as being like a rap battle with the two of them trying to outdo each other with the jibes they were trading.
A source also said: "For the past two months Katie has been attacking Pete with constant jibes.
Debby's dissatisfaction with almost every aspect of her husband Lionel (Eric Poppick) is dished out in short, emasculating jibes.
I am referring to his ill-informed jibes at the Welsh language.
Ossie Jackson said Colin had suffered similar jibes throughout his career, despite dominating his sport with a string of spectacular athletic successes.
That jibes with a volcanism model in which the most powerful eruptions on that moon take place at high latitude, says John Spencer of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz.
Ross went on to make a series of sick jibes about celebs.
But Douglas, who is 25 years older than the Welsh beauty, laughed off the jibes.
OUTRAGED 3 Cisse challenged fan to meet him after jibes about his talent
London, Apr 3 (ANI): Pop star Kylie Minogue has jumped to her sister Dannii's defence after 'X Factor' judge Louish Walsh took unwarranted jibes at her.