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Cecilia, like women generally, can appeal the charge neither of being a jilt nor avoid the dishonor of having been jilted.
After attending a performance of The Noble Jilt (the title of a play written by Trollope but never produced outside the pages of The Eustace Diamonds), she announces:
Viewing promising in these terms enables Trollope to suggest that, irrespective of logical definition, self-knowledge can transform a jilt into a noble jilt and, irrespective of legal opinion, love is a necessary consideration in a breach of promise case.
9 In his autobiography Trollope acknowledges that the novel is based on his play, The Noble Jilt.
Total quantity or scope: lot 1 - Transport employees Jilt UMC North.
Transport employees to return to work and career Rovinari mining operation, mining and mining Jilt Career Career Career Berbesti-Seciuri.