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Reconstruing betrothal in these "oxymoronic" terms enables Trollope to suggest why "noble jilt" need not be what Mrs.
That's a tad surprising when you consider how the man whose sole hit single, the 1978 top fiver also called Jilted John, included the legendary line "Gordon is a moron".
It was the A-side to Jilted John (you know, 'Gordon Is A Moron'), originally released on Rabid Records, Manchester's primary independent label.
I started sympathising with whoever was jilted by his/her beloved or lover.
A month after the gruesome murder of Infosys techie Swathi at a train station in Chennai, a jilted lover in Villupuram district tried to set ablaze a teenage girl after she rejected his love.
TEARS Ken Beattie (James Kirk) with jilted bride (Meghan Tyler)
Meanwhile, there's another heated flare-up when Carly's jilted fiance Sunil roars into the village in his flashy car and demands she reimburses him for all the expense he's lavished on her.
A special occasion turned tragic for a bride who was shot dead by her jilted lover at a wedding venue in Bhopal on Thursday.
Jilted: Priya After I dared to suggest that ITV's ridiculous rustic soap was about as plausible as an affordable energy bill, furious fans protested that I was being horribly insensitive.
was attacked by a jilted lover in November last year and was since