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"Her jingoism and support for violations by the Modi government of international conventions ...
It's a huge gift and you have to use that influence for right and good, not for jingoism."
What they projected was a narrative built around communal-nationalistic jingoism and the fight against terrorism post-Pulwama," added Yechury.
Bollywood is riding on a high tide of films with nationalistic themes and John Abraham, who plays a spy in thriller 'Romeo Akbar Walter' or 'RAW', says there's a fine line between patriotism and jingoism.
Lives of hundred and millions of people on both sides of border were jeopardized due to jingoism of India.
But yet India fails to give up its jingoism as its media still spews words of hate against Pakistan.
The Prime Minister highlighted the atrocities being committed by Indian forces in Kashmir, the jingoism and war-hysteria being created by the Indian Government.
A group of flag waving little Englanders with nothing else to offer but jingoism. Be patriotic!
The Harper Tories drenched Remembrance Day in jingoism and war-glorification, with Stephen Harper calling the Battle of Vimy Ridge "the beginning of a new era for our country" and the Cold War era as one in which "we stood firm with our NATO allies against the Soviet forces--and won".
While one can sympathise with the ideal of breaking free from the robotic grip of Brussels bureaucrats, this was a short-term consideration based largely on naive jingoism.
I did not vote to leave for reasons of flag-waving jingoism or because of immigration, something that, properly administered, is a vital part of our society as well as our economy.
But the jingoism that often follows England was seen on the front page of one UK newspaper, which made a play on "Go Kane", left, and "cocaine" before the Colombia tie.