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They manage to discuss the war without jingoism and with a minimum of national bias.
To give an honest answer to the little girl's question, to start some meaningful reflection and move out of the morass of American jingoism, I look to some thoughtful witnesses and diagnosticians of humankind.
So while not condoning everything espoused by Beca, as I said, this was going to be a predictable backlash, from people who are constantly the target of bigotry and empty-headed jingoism.
In contrast to the jingoism of 1914, the response in 1939 avoided triumphalist endorsements of the national cause or demonization of the enemy.
When we hear the word "propaganda," we think of nationalism, war and jingoism.
When social commentary is reduced to jingoism and bad one liners, citizens have been cheated.
It is certainly true that, as Rosand makes clear, the identification of contemporary Venice with ancient Rome is a commonplace, as are marine and nautical themes with their familiar overtones of Venice as Queen of the Adriatic; in this sense opera could easily become a vehicle for jingoism and chauvinism.
The book is for those interested in the stresses and constrains faced by society, and for those who may want to bring the issue out of the confines of fundamentalist jingoism into the realm of rational inquiry.
However, outsourced solution providers are confronting a vast array of challenges that range from heavy investments, long payback periods, poor asset inventories and long negotiation periods to hyper jingoism and anti-liberalization movements.
While talking to reporters outside the parliament here on Friday, the minister said that the outcome of the by-polls result lend credence to the fact that they no more wanted the politics of sit-ins and jingoism, which has been the hallmarks of the PTI chiefs politics.
I WAS very interested in T Hubball's Tory jingoism when he says left-thinking people call patriotism racist.
The country's advisers - and the Liberal Cabinet has never stood for jingoism - after the fullest consideration, have outlined the border beyond which Germany, as the deciding Power, must not step.