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In India, despite overt camaraderie with Asma and lip service to her cause, the left has been remiss in confronting jingoism.
Why it works: Moving away from the jingoism that is often repeated in Bollywood, this Kabir Khan-directed film went beyond the politics and depicted a sensitive humane story that touched the hearts of its viewers on both sides of the border.
I wear my poppy out of a sense jingoism, but in of the ordinary and women uniform I may not have always agreed with the wars into which our soldiers are sent, but I am proud of the way our men and women in uniform behave: with the highest integrity and pride in the job they do and the traditions they follow.
A number of historic opportunities to revive the project were missed, mostly because ethnic jingoism trumped national duty.
But it's simplistic to infer that Scots voters elected an SNP Government because of flag-waving jingoism.
Talking of jingoism, discrimination and xenophobia is just dodging the real issues.
The organisers were adamant that the march should not be taken over by militarism or jingoism, but was a day to celebrate the vibrant multicultural community in Wales.
To be a leftist and a hockey fan is to swim in a sort of purgatory, caught in the contradictions of the sport's elegance and casual brutality, its emotional weight and breezy jingoism (Olympic face paint and odes to the Afghanistan crusade at intermission).
Why can't the Rule Britannia mob give their jingoism a rest?
In the 19th Century, of course, it was a well-tried ploy that if a prime minister's ratings were falling, as was the case with Thatcher, a little foreign war, with its flag waving jingoism, was the answer.
We must use the commemoration to learn lessons in preventing further wars - no glorification or jingoism.